Hans-and-Lea-Grundig-Prize 2021

The 2021 Hans and Lea Grundig Prize has been awarded to artists Rajkamal Kahlon (Berlin), Rudolf Herz (Munich), and Natacha Nisic (Paris), as well as to art historian Dorothea Schöne (Berlin). After intensive discussion, the nine-member jury headed by Rosa von der Schulenburg and Eckhart Gillen made its majority decision on 19 May 2021 in Berlin.

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Call for entries for the Hans and Lea Grundig Prize 2021

A prize named in commemoration of the artists Hans Grundig (1901–1958) and Lea Grundig (1906–1977), under the patronage of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation will be awarded for artistic and art historical achievement, as well as for achievement in the communication of art. Applications should be submitted by March 31, 2021.

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New Research Project on Lea Grundig’s Children’s Books
In a new joint research project, the Hans-and-Lea-Grundig-Foundation is working with educational researcher Prof. Zohar Shavit (Tel Aviv University) and the Israeli National Library NLI in Jerusalem about Lea Grundig’s children’s book illustrations and her cultural-political role in the British Mandatory between 1940–1948. In a first step, the illustrated children’s books Lea Grundig, which are in the NLI, are processed.

Hans-and-Lea-Grundig-Prize winner 2019 Guy Raz in the „Jerusalem Post“

On Guy Raz, the Israeli photographer and curator, who won the 4th Hans-and-Lea-Grundig-Prize 2019 in the category „Art History / Art Education“, a comprehensive article by Hannah Gal has been published the „Jerusalem Post“ on November 10, 2019. In this article, the decision of the prize jury is emphasized, to award Guy Raz for his research and his commitment: „For his work as a photographer and curator, Raz has been awarded the 2019 Hans and Lea Grundig prize, with judges noting Raz’s life mission to establish an institute for centralizing the region’s photopgraphic archives.“

November 7, 2019
Awarding of the 4th Hans-and-Lea-Grundig-Prize 2019

Over 70 guests joined for the awarding of the 4th Hans-and-Lea-Grundig Prize 2019 in the three categories of Fine Arts, Art Studies and Art Education in the auditorium of the Munich Documentation Center of the History of National Socialism on Thursday, November 7, 2019. The event was conducted in cooperation with the Munich Documentation Center of the History of National Socialism.

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